A1 Brainstorming for business ideas

Dive into entrepreneurship by kickstarting your creativity with a brainstorming session!

Before pitching your business, you need great ideas. This assignment teaches you how to run a successful brainstorming session, a crucial skill for any budding entrepreneur.

What to do?

  • Lead a brainstorming session to generate ideas for a potential startup or business. Use techniques to encourage everyone’s input and think outside the box.
  • Keep in mind during the brainstorming session that you will be required to report on the results and the process. Click on the ‘Core’ tab to discover what you need to upload, fill in, or submit upon completion of this assignment. It would be unfortunate to realize this too late! So please check beforehand to align your approach accordingly.

Video: “How to Run a Brainstorming Session”

This video offers practical tips and insights for leading effective brainstorming sessions. Discover how to foster a creative atmosphere, encourage active participation, and capture valuable ideas. Learn strategies for overcoming obstacles and creating a productive environment where every idea counts.

Facilitate active participation to generate a variety of ideas:

  • Encourage all participants to share their ideas without judgment.
  • Use techniques like mind mapping or word association to spark creativity.
  • Set a time limit to keep the session focused and productive.
  • Build upon others’ ideas to generate even more innovative concepts.
  • Capture all ideas, no matter how wild, for later evaluation.