A1 | Choose your role

Before you start building an export-marketing plan, you’ll first have to decide from which perspective you’d like to carry on your work.

Therefore you’ll have to do some research so that it is perfectly clear from which perspective you are going to carry out the other activities of the program.

Difficult? Well, maybe. It is there for absolutely necessary to keep track of all the sources you’re going to use for this assignment. If you’re smart, don’t clear your browser history and do make notes. It helps you to look back at your path and strategies along the way. Cheeting? That’s not for pro’s.

Don’t copy-paste stuff from the internet. We want to hear your unique story. You’ll be in charge, so make your choices and get ready for your international adventure.

Which standards apply?

  • The main duties and responsibilities are mentioned.
  • Some personal skills are compared with the skills necessary for this specific role.
  • All questions are answered in Business English.
  • A valid source reference is included.