Debate | Marathon Rotterdam

What would you think if your school became the title sponsor and main sponsor of the Marathon Rotterdam?

Of course, a substantial investment in cash and in-kind contributions would be requested from the school. These resources could also be allocated to improving education, reducing class sizes, and creating an even better learning environment for the students. But, yes, it’s a unique opportunity, and Albeda is a quintessential Rotterdam brand. What you may not have known: Albeda has always had a certain connection with the Rotterdam Marathon.

Should Albeda still consider becoming the main sponsor, hand in hand with other organizations such as gemeente Rotterdam and Asics?

Before the management team makes a decision, students are invited to engage in a debate with each other. The goal is to gain insight into the pros and cons of the proposal.

  • Mission and Values: Does sponsoring a marathon align with the core mission and values of the school? How does it contribute to education and the community?
  • Financial Considerations: Is the investment in the marathon proportionate to the financial resources that would otherwise be available for educational enhancements?
  • Community Engagement: How will involvement in the Marathon Rotterdam strengthen the school’s ties with the local community?
  • Marketing and Exposure: Will sponsoring the marathon enhance the school’s name and image? Is the exposure the school receives worth it in terms of marketing?
  • Unique Opportunity: How unique is the opportunity to become the main sponsor, and what could be its impact on the school’s status and recognition?

It is crucial to make a well-informed decision that aligns with the school’s long-term goals and mission. Therefore, engage in a debate and endeavor to compile the arguments for and against.