Dilemma | Product Launch Abroad

Imagine there is a large company organizing an international business event to launch its latest product.

The event is scheduled to take place in a developing country with a vulnerable economy and high levels of poverty. The company aims to seize this opportunity to generate positive publicity and enhance its image as a socially responsible organization.

The company decides to collaborate with a local events agency to organize the event. However, the agency has a reputation for disregarding labor rights and exploiting workers, subjecting them to long hours for low wages. The company is aware of this reputation but also acknowledges the lack of local alternatives and the cost advantages offered by the agency.

Given your insightful perspective on international event management, you are asked for advice: Do you consider it wise for the event to proceed in the intended developing country, or do you recommend the company to explore alternative options?

Make use of the ‘7 steps in analyzing ethical dilemmas’ framework for this task.