Dilemma | The Construction Crew

Imagine being an event manager responsible for organizing a large corporate event in an urban conference center. The event includes multiple parallel sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities, expecting the attendance of hundreds of participants.

To ensure the event is organized on time and within budget, you decide to collaborate with several local construction companies specializing in setting up temporary structures, such as stages and booths. The construction companies are known for delivering high-quality services and has successfully contributed to similar events in the past.

However, after the start of the construction phase, you notice that the companies begin to cut corners on occupational safety. Workers are exposed to hazardous situations, such as working at heights without proper safety equipment and inadequate training. You discover that some workers are not wearing adequate personal protective equipment, and there is a general lack of compliance with safety regulations.

On one hand, you want to successfully organize the event within the allocated budget and tight deadline. On the other hand, you are concerned about the safety and well-being of the construction companies’ workers. It appears that the companies are sacrificing safety standards to meet financial and time pressures.

During the bidding process, your conference center explicitly asked the construction companies about their approach to safety. Most booth builders solemnly pledged to pay close attention to safety issues. A small number referred to the VVEM, but note that not all are members though.


How do you handle this ethical dilemma? How do you strike a balance between ensuring occupational safety and successfully executing the event?

Make use of the ‘7 steps in analyzing ethical dilemmas’ framework for this task.