A2 | Evolution of Influencer Marketing

Explore the dynamic evolution of influencer marketing, from its humble beginnings to becoming a vital force in modern advertising strategies.

Explore how influencers have revolutionized digital landscapes, offering invaluable insights into modern marketing dynamics.

What to do?

  • Research the history and rise of influencers. Create a timeline highlighting key moments and developments. Capture your timeline by photographing it on paper or a whiteboard, organizing it chronologically in a PowerPoint presentation, or creating a digital version with f.e. Canva.

After you click the ‘Core’ button, you will be asked to upload the timeline. It’s good to know this beforehand so you can align your techniques and approach accordingly.

Tips and suggestions:

  • Explore various sources such as articles, documentaries, and industry reports to gather comprehensive information.
  • Consider including milestones like the emergence of social media platforms and notable influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Organize your timeline chronologically to clearly illustrate the evolution of influencer marketing over time.