F3 | Write the introduction

What is the value of a good introduction?

Here are some objective reasons that show why you need to pay attention to the introduction.

  • Create the best first impression.
    The first few sentences will tell a lot about you, the author.
    Readers will instantly value your writing style. Fundamental mistakes or tiring long sentences that don’t have any value for a reader can cause a low rate of the whole report. So stay on topic and write things down that can be understood easily. Pinpoint he important points of your work.
  • Map for the report.
    Don’t repeat each paragraph of your report but mention the major arguments and ideas. Make sure you mention your role and do not forget to summarize the business case.
  • Inciting role. This is the warming up part.
    You have to motivate your readers to continue reading your report. Explain the aim you want to achieve in your report. What is your report an answer to? To whom is it worth paying attention to? What have you discovered, conducting the activities of the program?