A2 Idea analysis

Ideas can be pretty awesome. But… Some are more valuable than others. Time to focus your ideas and create a visual representation of the potential of your best concepts. Are you ready?

After the brainstorming session, it’s crucial to narrow down and analyze the most promising ideas. This assignment guides you in selecting and analyzing ideas with the greatest potential for further development.

What to do?

  • Choose top ideas and associate, while making a Wordcloud for comprehensive concept visualization.
  • Keep in mind during the association process / Wordcloud session that you will be required to upload your work. Click on the ‘Core’ tab to discover what you need to upload, fill in, or submit upon completion of this assignment. It would be unfortunate to realize this too late! So please check beforehand to align your approach accordingly.

Keep in mind:

  • 1 Idea = 1 Wordcloud
    For each selected idea, create a comprehensive Wordcloud that reflects the opportunities, target audiences, differentiation possibilities, potential threats, competitors and their strengths.
  • Be clear and concise, with key terms and concepts prominently featured.

Paper or online?

Do you prefer paper over online? Choose paper size: A4, A3, or flip chart

  • Always color-code for clarity; leave enough space for association
  • Tip! Use post-its for flexibility

Do you prefer to use an online tool? The following tools all provide free access to creating and customizing Wordclouds, making them ideal for visualizing ideas and concepts.

  • WordClouds.com: Simple and user-friendly tool with various customization options, such as colors and font sizes.
  • Wordle: Classic Wordcloud generator with a minimalist interface for quickly generating Wordclouds.
  • TagCrowd: Allows you to create Wordclouds based on text, web pages, or documents, with customization options and word frequency statistics.
  • Tagul: Offers advanced customization options, such as shaping based on custom images and exclusion of words.
  • WordArt.com: Simple tool with various templates and customization options for quickly creating attractive Wordclouds.