Why do we turn to music?

Why do we turn to music in times of crisis? It’s an extremely effective way of releasing emotion and creating bonds with others when other forms of communication are lacking. 

There are very few outlets in life where you can take out your frustrations in a solitary way and work through your emotion honestly through listening to or performing music. But how can music help you in times of crisis?

There is lot’s evidence of music’s positive role in times of crisis over the centuries. Neuroscience has taught us that listening to music heightens positive emotion in the reward centres of the brain by releasing dopamine.

Now, let me tell you something personal.
A song that gives me a good feeling (releases dopamine) is “Mulitcolored Angel” from Douwe Bob. This singer-songwriter wrote a song that gives him a good feeling for himself as well as for many others. Just take a moment to listen to the song.
After, have a look at the lyrics.

Douwe Bob is a singer-songwriter, who won the “beste singer-songwriter van Nederland” contest in 2012. In an interview he said this about the song:

The song with which I won the final, ‘Multicolored Angels’, is about a painting by my father Simon, he is an artist. And how we got lost once, in the desert of Morocco: ‘lost in the Middle of the Desert’. We have indeed seen the sunrise.
So it is a song about my father, a protest song against death.