Report guidelines

Before you start putting the report together, you might want to know what the critical sections are.

  1. Cover page
  2. Table of contents
  3. Introduction (ref. earlier assignment F1)
  4. Body of the report, split into sections. These ones are critical:
    • Either DESTEP (ref. earlier assignment C3) and/of SWOT (ref. earlier assignment C2), at least one of these two
    • Final choice and motivation of destination country (ref. assignment C4)
    • Determination of export risks (ref. assignment D2)
    • Advise ‘agent or distributor’ (ref. assignment E5)
  5. Conclusion (ref. earlier assignment F2)
  6. Handover/upload of report (assignment F3)

Your final report must be uploaded as well as handed over in hardcopy to your teacher.