Report body

Are you getting into the meat of your report? You should know beforehand what the main part of your report is going to contain. Take these steps to properly write the report body.

  • Split the body into sections. There are many different ways to divide your report body into sections, but just like we’ve broken this assignment up into different subheadings, it’s important to do so. This helps make it easier for your reader to digest each of the different sections.
  • Dive into your results and findings. This is where you’ll really get into all of the research you gathered and talk about your topic. Make sure you cover every aspect of your report’s topics, including research data, schemes and more.
  • Use data visualizations and graphic organizers. Don’t fill your report with just text. Including images, icons, graphics, charts and graphic organizers is a great way to further visualize your content and make your point.
  • Incorporating photos and graphics into your report design is another great way to represent your text and engage your reader. Reports get a bad rap for being boring walls of text, but we encourage you to think outside the box.
  • Summarize long sections. Not every section in your report body will be long enough to need a summary, but if you have a section that includes a lot of information or stretches across a couple of pages, it’s a good idea to summarize it at the end.