Unit 5. International Business

International business has a significant influence on a nation’s economy. It takes place in a globally competitive environment, involving organisations of all types and sizes.

Organisations engaged in international business activities need to take into account a number of factors, such the culture and politics of the country with which they want to do business.

Governments can influence international business to maximise the benefits to the national economy and countries join international trading blocs to promote and protect international business. In this unit, you will explore the benefits and issues associated with international business activities.

You will investigate the economic and wider external environments that influence the choice of international markets. You will also examine the strategic and operational approaches to developing business in an international context. To complete the assessment task within this unit, you will need to draw on your learning from across your programme.

This unit will give you a greater understanding of the global business environment to help inform your career choices. The unit gives you the skills to undertake advanced or specialist studies in international business at higher education level.

What do you need to know and understand is this unit?

  • Examine the influences on the growth of globalisation.
  • Explore the structure of the global economy.
  • Examine strategic and operational approaches to developing international business.