B2 Create a conceptboard

Time to make decisions! If you've done well, you've managed to organize ideas from others. You know what excites you and what you don’t like. Time to represent your own unique business idea in a conceptboard.

A moodboard is a collage, either digital or on paper, of poster size. It’s used to visualize a concept, idea, thought, or feeling. This collage can be used to represent a mood using images or notes. A moodboard is an ideal method to tangibly visualize abstract ideas.

To depict your ultimate business idea, you’ll create a ‘conceptboard.’
Here, anything goes. Whether it’s a single image with a few descriptive words or a busy collage with striking details, as long as it inspires and tells your unique business idea, it’s all good.

Ultimately, you’ll need to present your conceptboard during the pitch. So, it’s crucial to consider your ‘audience’ carefully. They should understand what it’s all about.

What to do?

  • Create a digital conceptboard visualizing your most promising business idea.
  • Once you click the ‘Core’ tab, you will be required to upload your board and fill out the questions. It would be unfortunate to realize this too late! So please check beforehand to align your approach accordingly.

Tools to consider

  1. Canva
  2. Milanote
  3. MS Powerpoint or Keynote
  4. Prefer working with scissors, glue, and paper? That can be a great alternative. Before you finalize this assignment, don’t forget to take a photo so that you can upload your result!

Have a brief look at these examples

We’ve included a selection of conceptboards crafted by professionals to inspire your creativity. While these examples may showcase advanced design, your conceptboard need not match their level of sophistication visually. Just focus on effectively communicating the core elements of your business idea.

Your conceptboard should capture your innovation and strategic thinking, rather than striving for artistic perfection. For any queries or further guidance, reach out to your instructor.