C3 | Infographic market analysis

Imagine you're a storyteller, using visuals to paint a picture of your market analysis.

Your task is to create an infographic that summarizes the key insights from your market analysis in a visually appealing and engaging way.

As part of your preparation, you’ve already compiled a longlist of parameters crucial for assessing the feasibility and potential of your business idea. Now, as you prepare for your pitch, it’s time to make choices: Which parameters are the most important to evaluate the viability of your business idea?

Additionally, consider the format.
Your audience isn’t interested in a dull PowerPoint filled with lengthy tables or complex calculations. Instead, opt for an infographic format that presents the most important information in a captivating manner.

What to do?

Make an infographic, using a tool like Canva , summarizing key findings from your market analysis. Use visuals, arranging them in a clear layout while adding concise text.