Dilemma | Boeren met lef

'Boeren met lef' positions itself as a challenging and high-quality program for young entrepreneurial farmers aged 16 to 35.

The youth program promises to provide support in every life phase of young starting farmers. Together with young farmers, exploration is made into new promising future perspectives. Lifelong development is encouraged. Farmers are brought together in an environment where they can learn from each other and experienced entrepreneurs. In short: discovering, developing, and passing on.

One of the more notable components of the program is the so-called ‘Brokkenbal’ (Feed Ball). Be sure to check out the video!

We are very curious about your thoughts on ‘Boeren met lef,’ especially considering recent developments in Dutch agriculture and the changing public opinion regarding livestock farming and the associated nitrogen issue.


Is it ehtical to support starting farmers this way? Make use of the ‘7 steps in analyzing ethical dilemmas’ framework for this task.