B1 | Submit your own

Got a specific business case or export project in mind? Alright, you’ve got our attention!

Many export projects start like a walk in the fog, which is fine in itself, though some may stumble along aimlessly for too long or even never see the light of day. So by telling you to race through the rest of the activities without any proper thinking would definitely set you up for failure. What you need is a crystal clear business case, not just a fuzzy idea or shady brainwave. How else to convince other stakeholders?

Submitting a case means that you have to be clear about your business vision regarding export. Questions may include, but should not be limited to: Who’s the final client or user? Are there other (key) stakeholders? What are the local business requirements? Which products have the potential to become high performers in the target market? What are legal, governmental and logistic requirements? Which market(s) should you target and which part of the globe are we talking about anyway? Dive in, however not too deep yet, the details follow at a later stage.

The better you explain the ins and outs of what you have in mind, the better chance that your case will be approved. Ask your teacher to help you as early as possible. Are you ready for the real deal?

Which standards apply?

  • The case should be concise and to the point.
  • The business itself is described in its bare essentials: client / company, its key products and markets are mentioned.
  • The introduction to the business case is clear. It should contain a brief overview of the reasons why the project or business case has come about: the problem, opportunity, or change of circumstances.
  • Answers should demonstrate the value and benefits the project brings to the company.