B2 | FRST Car Cleaning

FRST is a brand founded by MIXED Industries, a company based in The Netherlands and currently dealing in products to and from 50+ countries. The brand for this specific businesscase is named FRST.

The FRST car cleaning product line is a spinoff from some of the other brand activities, such as the optimisation of engine management software (ECU upgrades) and personalization of performance cars. FRST Car Cleaning is a brand new product line to maintain your beloved car in picture perfect condition. The FRST product line is complete but not larger than it needs to be. Ease of use is at the forefront of the product design. Easy to apply – immediately visible and with a dureable result.


Jos van Dal, COO of MIXED Industries and still supporting the FRST Car Cleaning brand, would like you to investigate new export opportunities to countries where MIXED Industries and/or FRST are not yet active. As volume is an important factor for success, the company management suspects that Brazil or Mexico could offer interesting export opportunities. Entering both markets in the same period of time is not an option.

The company’s culture is very much hands-on. So at the end, the management expects you to come up with a crystal clear export-marketing plan, focusing on the country of which you think chances are at its best.