B3 | WaterCamp

WaterCamp is a brand of MIXED Industries, a company based in The Netherlands and currently exporting products to 50+ countries. The brand for this specific businesscase is named WaterCamp.

WaterCamp creates unique inflatable water parks with separate components that can be combined to a complete water park. Just watch this video, showing the WaterCamp experience at De Kempervennen.

WaterCamp offers the possibility to create unique modules. As a result, possibilities are endless. WaterCamp is able to offer a water park tailored to almost any situation. WaterCamp can change colours, design special shapes, unique components or letters.

WaterCamp also offers complete parks ranging in difficulty and challenge. The layout, flow and crowd management has been designed by WaterCamp.

Jos van Dal, COO of MIXED Industries, would like you to investigate new export opportunities to countries where MIXED Industries and/or WaterCamp are not yet active. As volume is an important factor for success, the company management suspects that South Africa, New Zealand or Australia could offer interesting export opportunities. Entering these markets in the same period of time is not an option.

The company’s culture is very much hands-on. So at the end, the management expects you to come up with a crystal clear export-marketing plan, focusing on the country of which you think chances are at its best.