D1 | SMART goals

‘We want to increase sales.’
‘More volume.’
‘Bigger market share.’

These vague descriptions are perfect examples of what not to do while setting up an export-marketing plan. Generalities only create confusion and lead to poor results. On the contrary, you will need to know exactly what your goals are. Goals should contain enough detail so that the people involved understand what results are expected.

An effective way to define a specific outcome for objectives is to use the SMART outline. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable (also: ‘Agreed upon’), Realistic and Time-based. If you develop your company’s export goals and objectives to meet these requirements, then your plan will have a good chance for success.

Do you want to push a specific product? Do you want to have more market share? Do you want to focus only on one type of customers / market segment? Which comes first and which will come next? Well, you probably have got the point. It’s a about time to think strategically.