Dilemma | Loyalty Issue

In the field of event management, unexpected occurrences sometimes take place. The company will need to respond accordingly. These incidents are typically joyous, but occasionally, they may not be. Read about the real-life situation.

The events venue where you work has 16 rooms, including 2 meeting rooms for 2-6 people, 10 small rooms for 16-24 people, 2 rooms for 20-50 people, and 2 large rooms for 50-150 people. Both large rooms are booked by different companies next Tuesday.

Suddenly, the sales manager receives a call from a funeral director urgently requesting to host a luxury condolence gathering for a well-known local entrepreneur who has sadly passed away. The funeral is scheduled for Tuesday, and due to the deceased’s prominence, an estimated 700 guests are expected throughout the day. Although the venue theoretically has the capacity, the two large rooms are already booked.

It’s important to note that the deceased has been a client of the events venue for over 20 years, both for business and private events. His patronage has been indispensable for the past 15 years.

This scenario is based on a true story at a Regardz venue, centrally located in the Netherlands.

The sales manager insists that the condolence gathering must proceed, even if it means rebooking or canceling the large rooms. You are faced with a dilemma as this may impact the companies that have already made bookings. You hesitate and decide to examine the dilemma from various perspectives.

Make use of the ‘7 steps in analyzing ethical dilemmas’ framework for this task.