E2 | Acquisition path

As an exporter, finding buyers for your product can be the hardest challenge for your business.

Particularly when you’re just getting started or start selling in a new market. Although new technology seems to make the world smaller and helps to find buyers overseas much easier than it has ever been before, don’t be fooled, selling in new and foreign markets is still a challenge. You need to adapt to cultural norms and practices, a different language and travel barriers in order to succeed.

Acquisition is just another word for ‘gaining new customers’. This may be more than just the final user of your product. Distributors and resellers will be part of your supply chain.  Acquiring new customers generally involves persuading them to purchase your company’s products and/or services. Most often companies contract an agent(s) to represent them in foreign markets to their prospects and customers. The alternative is to collaborate with local distributors to get your products sold and distributed to the market.

Always keep in mind that whatever your choice for local representation and collaboration is, the relationship has to be build from scratch and has to be maintained for the duration of the collaboration.

In this assignment you will be asked to provide some basic guidance for the intermediary of your choice.