E3 | Marketing & media

Marketing, you covered some aspects already. Though one of the most fascinating parts is communication.

It might look simple at first, though it often is more complex than it seems. You’re probably not the only one on your target market(s). So how will your grab attention and is your audience communicating similarly as to what you are used to?

Getting your target audience interested in your product is done by a smart combination of online and offline marketing communication. It’s up to you to define your audience and target customers. Also you have to consider that budgets will be limited and there is little space for error, you only can make a first impression once.

5 typical points to keep in mind are the steps of your customers’ journey:

  • Reach – how will you reach out to your target market initially?
  • Traffic – how do you get initial interaction and direct your clients to your offering?
  • Preference –  how will you win preference among competition and alternative solutions?
  • Purchasing – how ill you convert your target audience into customers?
  • Loyalty – how will you convert your first time customers into loyal customers?

This is not a creativity contest. It’s all about cracking the numbers to ensure any penny spent on marketing will be spent well. Questions you may ask yourself should include thoughts about culture, religion, income and several other factors that you should have done research for earlier in the process. If you did well, this assignment may not be so hard after all.