Import export-marketing plan

How to start building an export-marketing plan? First you have to know the path you'll decide to walk. So stay tuned and read carefully.

A. Roles Choose your role
Export manager? Consultant? Your own assignment? Before you start off, It’s up to you to decide from which perspective you’d like to carry on your work.
A1. Export manager
A2. Export consultant

B. Business case Select your business case
Here we present you some international cases. This is an important choice, it defines the future of your project. Check them all, which one suits you best?
B1. Submit your own
B2. FRST Car Cleaning
B3. WaterCamp
B4. Role x Business Case

C. Desk research Be prepared
Put on your research hat and hoody. Climb in Google, check the interwebs and get stuff done so you can smoothly draw some conclusions.
C1. Market analysis
C2. DESTEP analysis
C3. SWOT analysis
C4. Pin the destination country

D. Export and marketing Think strategic
Make your plan stick in this next level. Smart thinking is required. Make models, marketing, talk to agents, etcetera. Want some advise? Be creative.
D1. SMART goals
D2. Export risks
D3. Critical product requirements

E. Agents, distributors and much more! On your behalf
Agent? Distributor? Well, there is no right or wrong choice here. It depends on your strategy. Ready for some strategic thinking?
E1. Service delivery model
E2. Acquisition path
E3. Marketing & media
E4. Payment & Sales conditions

F. Final report The handover
Step 1. Write the conclusion section
Step 2. Write the introduction
Step 3. Put the plan together

… and you are finally done!