E4 | Payment & Sales Conditions

Cool, your marketing mix did the job. You have landed a prospect and wish to turn it into a happy and loyal customer. Just some small things to take care of, right? Don’t be fooled, this is the part where many companies lose money and opportunities!

Payment, do you trust your client? Are you a banker or should they pay in advance? Will you consider a payment discount? Not so easy after all and so a major topic to consider.
There are many payment options out there, so go search the possibilities and select the best options for your company.

Once you define your preferred payment methods, let’s talk terms.
Sales conditions are important as they define under which terms the deal is done or purchase is made. You want to prevent any misunderstanding as discussions afterwards are the last issues you want to encounter. The customer is always right, even if they are not, so if any discussion arises, it may cost you.

Have a look at Ryan before you proceed.
Bottom line – cover the conditions and the basis for more success is made.